241 Fifth av

March 2013

241 Fifth, a wonderful building by ODA is about to launch this month. Developed by Victor Homes and Sold by Core Sales & Marketing, the building offers one to three bedroom residences. A few steps from Madison PArk, it offers all the perks of living in NoMad, Hence the Ad the Seventh Art just created. Other services have included full Branding services, collateral, website and renderings.

Seventh Art Ad 2013

March 2013

The making of this Seventh ART Ad, done for Luxury listing New York City 2013, a publication of the Real Deal Magazine, was an ordeal to photograph. Here is the un-retouched view ( from the ceiling ) of our collaterals laying on the floor. Pick up a copy to see the retouched Ad.

Strata @ Mercedes House

March 2013

The Upper floors of the Mercedes House, Enrique Norten building developed by two trees, is now under Bozzuto and Invesco Management. The Team helped by Nancy Packes Sales and Marketing called on the seventh art to define the new sub-brand that would represent these 160 Rental units. Work covered Branding, naming, photography, website, brochure.

Mandarin Oriental Atlanta

February 2013

I-Star Financial, with Sotheby's International is now offering full-serviced Residences at the Robert A.M.Stern building in Peachtree , Atlanta. The seventh Art produced the Ad campaign, book , website, photography, filming and overall Branding of the Residences. See our project list to see the movie.

Christie's International Real Estate

February 2013

CIRE identified a strong demand from the International market to purchase large properties such as Vineyards in France, Italy, Spain, Napa Valley and South America. The sourcing of all imagery as well as copy editing from Christie's own sources was the work of the Seventh Art, as well as the design and production of the brochure in English and Chinese.

China Center. World Trade Center. New York

January 2013

A fantastic new space for Chinese and American businessman is been created by Architect Kengo Kuma on 6 floors of the Tower. The Site, branded and designed by the seventh art is showcasing some of the interior architecture proposed.

Trump Pune

December 2012

Located in Pune, India, a truly high-end product is been developed and endorsed by Trump International. The Seventh art has been responsible for renderings, copy writing, brochure layout and website.

Bringing the 'Next Big Thing' to Life

December 2011


We take an innovative and inspiring approach to the development of never-before-seen brand identities, accenting a projects finest attributes in a sleek, sophisticated light. Success stories include Tour Odeon, The Charles by David Collins, The Renwick, and more.

Portrait of the Seventh Art

December 2011

About Seven years ago, Founding Principals Michel Mein and David Williams, both trained Architects from MIT and Columbia University respectively, seek to continuously challenge and rethink conventional approaches to Branding in Luxury as well as devising strategic marketing approaches to sales in Real estate and Hospitality. Beyond Branding, the Seventh Art -composed of seasoned professional in an array of fields- is a content provider producing photography, film, 3d, CGI delivering Ad campaigns, print collateral and web interactive. Furthermore, the Studio is using social media for their preliminary analysis of the market and use it to create viral campaigns.

Cultivating World-Class Standards

December 2011


Seventh Art has been called on time and again to develop brand concepts for the most elite clientele in both domestic and international luxury markets. Projects include The Plaza, The Setai, Trump Dubai, W South Beach, Downtown by Starck and more.

A Mark of Distinction

December 2011


Seventh Art determines a thoughtful, targeted positioning to establish a brand identity exemplifying the key values of a company. From this base, effective communication, tonality, illustrative direction, and all features of the brand are built.

The World's Most Desirable Destinations

December 2011


With a distinguished record in the branding of multifaceted resort communities, Seventh Art crafts an elegantly appointed, holistic identity. Residences, hotels, clubs, restaurants, recreation all come together as a distinctive, alluring destination. See Fisher Island, Nakheel Harbour and Tower, Sidra Hills, Victory Park, and Olympic Bay.

Expanding to New Horizons

December 2011


For the established brand seeking to make an impression in a new market, Seventh Art adapts and enhances the pre-existing brand essence to create an impactful, streamlined extension. Maxim Hotel, The House by Phillippe Starck, Brynwood Golf & Country Club and Frette Spa are examples.

Seventh Art brand + architecture

December 2011

Branded Architecture and "Architecture as a Brand" are some of the main pet projects at the Studio. The Creative Team works hand-in-hand with Architects and developers to get to the essence and uniqueness of a project before laying down any branded marketing.

Iconic Chic

December 2011


Seventh Art renews the look and feel of the classic identity and reinvigorates the long-lasting honor and name with innovative communication. The Blakes Hotel's claim to fame to be the first Boutique Hotel. Originally designed by Anoushka Hempel, The Blakes Hotel's branding has been carefully renovated by the same Seventh Art team 20 years later. The Seventh Art was called to update the Brand Look and Website reservation system. HTML was done in-house under the direction of the Creative Team in charge of the Brand. Learn more about The Blakes Hotel.

1212 FIFTH

November 2011

It was a great pleasure to have the chance to collaborate for over two years with the talented team at Durst Fetner, and finally see all the work put into this project come to a resounding success. Our multi-tiered ad campaign has been very effective: 1212 Fifth Avenue has indeed "made an entrance". Its unique sales gallery, designed as a true art experience, has also been extremely well received with residences selling faster than expected. To learn more, please visit 1212FifthAvenue.com

The Conversation Prism

January 2011

Conversations are taking place with or without us, and the explosive expansion of the social web gives conversations reach and impact that never existed before. The Conversation Prism, an info graphic developed by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas with the goal of categorizing social networks, is an impressive visualization of the potential extent and reach of online conversations that can impact our businesses and brands. Every brand finds itself at the center point of the prism, whether it is just observing, listening or participating in the social web. From there, in order to benefit from the significant business opportunities associated with strategic social media marketing, every hotel and brand should be focused on at least six key types of social media.

A new type of Luxury

December 2009

The concept of “luxury” was tested in 2009 and it will be put through even more grueling re-evaluation in 2010. Formerly, “luxury” was defined by bling, bells and whistles—emphasizing appearance over substance and quality. Consumers used luxury as a status symbol, the perception of an elevated lifestyle.After the Boom ended, luxury was briefly re-defined as “real value.” In 2010 “functional luxury” is the new luxury, defined not by criteria of appearance, illusion or aspiration, but by true, lasting quality and functionality.

Superlative Living in Switzerland according to the 2011 "Quality of Living Index"

December 2011

Just announced was the "10 Best Places To Live In 2011 (Quality of Living Index)”. The cities were evaluated on 39 factors including political, economic, environmental, personal safety, health, education, transportation and other public service factors. Switzerland held 3 of those spots with Zurich at #2, Geneva at #3 followed by Bern at #9. We absolutely agree! Having worked on several projects throughout Switzerland over the past year, Seventh Art has geared up with one of the top development firms in the region to form a JVC. We are happy to announce the launch of several projects over the coming months so please come back for more information!

Starck rethinks Moscow

November 2011

Seventh Art has found itself in Moscow, once again, this time with "yoo Inspired by Starck". Barkli Park is a highly stylized residential tower promoting a smart, fresh, and modern way of life focusing on well-being for residents and the environment. Starck has developed 4 distinct design palettes that residents can select from that embody distinct personalities and styles. These include: Minimal, Nature, Classic and Culture. The design is quintessentially Starck; bold lighting fixtures, opulent design schemes, whimsical objets d'art, and the interesting play of scale are set in 4 unique environments. Go to Barkli Park to read more about the project.

Marzocco Groupe launches tallest luxury residential tower in Monaco

October 2011

Tour Odéon, located in the Principality of Monaco was launched into the market by the luxury development team Groupe Marzocco. Groupe Marzocco have been involved in real estate development for over 30 years and bring a deep understanding of the Monaco area as well as construction, property development and management. They recently launched Monaco's tallest luxury residential project into the market, Tour Odéon. It offers a bespoke residential service and amenities package for its homeowners and superbly designed interiors by the Alberto Pinto Agency. Seventh Art has worked with Groupe Marzocco since 2009 and developed the naming, branding, positioning, marketing research and creative for Tour Odéon. To learn more go to odeon.mc

Kelly Hoppen for yoo's foray into Moscow

October 2011

Contemporary perfection and traditional charm merge in Barkli Virgin House, a visionary collaboration from the master architects of Barkli Corporation, featuring the internationally renowned designs of Kelly Hoppen for yoo. Hoppen joined yoo in 2009, bringing her elegant creative direction to the company with the formation of Kelly Hoppen for yoo. Barkli Virgin House is the first foray into Moscow's luxury market for Seventh Art Group and Kelly Hoppen for yoo, and is found on the city's "Golden Mile" -- one of the most exclusive streets in all the world. Magnificent residences are imbued with strikingly orchestrated design to create a new Russian icon. To learn more go to Barkli Virgin House.

Launch of SWISS Magazine Premier Issue

October 2011

Swiss Magazine launched its premier issue, Summer 2011, into the European, Russian and Asian Markets. Seventh Art published, designed and produced the fashion spread "The Sun & The Snow" as well as oversaw editorial duties and printing of the magazine. Swiss Magazine focuses its content on Swiss Art, Culture and Living as embodied by Swiss fashion brands De Grisogono, Vacheron, Constantine and Akris. Also inside are in-depth Q&A's with award-winning Swiss Pastry Chef Ivo Adam and Jean-Baptiste Maugars, Managing Director of Fabarger Chocolats & Cacaos. Swiss Magazine reveals the exceptional lifestyle of the Swiss, and the exquisite properties found throughout the region.

Launch of The Plaza Pied a Terre Residences

August 2011

We had the absolute pleasure again to work with the Plaza team on their current Pied a Terre launch. Seventh Art developed a beautifully designed Pied a Terre brochure to help build renewed interest in the Plaza Pied a Terre Condo Hotel Property by relaunching and repositioning the property to a new world marketplace. It is currently being launched along with a number of new marketing initiatives over the next several months with airline partners, via social media platforms, through media outlets, on the plaza.com website itself, web partners and event related initiatives. To learn more go to The Plaza Pied a Terre Residences.

Seventh Art lands in Moscow

June 2011

Seventh Art partners with Barkli Corporation, a high-end luxury developer based out of Moscow, to develop the company's branding and positioning in the Moscow real estate market -- and establish themselves as the premier developer in this region. Additionally, Barkli Corporation has selected Seventh Art to work on several luxury developments within Moscow featuring world class names in design and architecture, such as Kelly Hoppen, Philippe Starck and John Hitchcox. To learn more go to barkli.ru

51° Event Launch in Leukerbad, Switzerland

May 2011

Summer 2011 in Leukerbad, Switzerland was the place to be! 51° Spa & Residences was launched with a VIP party and media event. Guests were invited to Leukerbad for an evening of dancing and entertainment. 51° Spa & Residences will be a coveted mixed-use residential, hotel and retail development in the heart of the Valais Mountains. The simple reason to own one of these mountain chalets, every residence has its own personal spa with an indoor/outdoor soaking pool, steam room, and indoor master bathtub fed by the Loèche les Bains thermalsprings. Seventh Art created the launch video and produced a photo shoot at Leukerbad to capture the essence of this magical Swiss escape.

Seventh art media

May 2011

Success on Twitter. In our whitepaper “Hospitality Brands and Twitter – Creating a Valuable (Bottom-Line) Asset” we present the results from a comprehensive analysis of hotel Twitter account performances. Our team examined 135 hotel Twitter accounts and more than 120,000 tweets from November 1, 2010 to January 31, 2011 in order to identify the best opportunities for hotels to utilize Twitter and assign an actual dollar-value to this marketing asset. Based on the research and analysis, Seventh Art Media ranked the Top 20 most valuable hotel Twitter accounts and identified seven key findings and success factors for hotels and resorts to build a valuable marketing asset on Twitter. Our whitepaper "Hospitality Brands and Twitter - Creating a Valuable (Bottom-Line) Asset" is available for free download.


April 2011

Boulevard de Belgique, Monaco Seventh Art Group was behind the branding and marketing development for the Jacques Garcia designed residences on the Cote d’Azur. With only two towers in development currently, these rare homes are still amongst the highest priced properties in the world catering to the ultra high-end clientele. As of 2009 real estate prices in Monaco are twice as high as in the 2nd and 3rd most expensive cities Moscow and London.

Success on Facebook

February 2011

In our whitepaper "Hospitality Brands and Facebook - Identifying the Opportunities" we present the results from a comprehensive analysis of basic forms of consumer-generated hotel brand impressions on Facebook. Our team reviewed about 2,500 content posts by 75 hotel brands on their respective Facebook pages during the fourth quarter of 2010. Based on this analysis, we identified six key-factors for hotels and resorts to create a lasting performance on Facebook. Our whitepaper "Hospitality Brands and Facebook - Identifying the Opportunities" is available for free download.

Seventh Art designs LED Media Wall for L'Enfant Plaza, Washington DC

January 2011

Seventh Art has been collaborating with The JBG Companies since 2009. Their most recent project has been the development of large-scale multi-media screens that will be featured in L'Enfant Plaza, a full service destination space with office, retail and hotel components currently undergoing a monumental renovation. The Animated LED Screens will be located in retail public spaces and will incorporate state of the art technology that allows the screens to interact with passersby through custom developed content conceived by Seventh Art.

Keys to Social Media Marketing ROI

January 2011

In today's "age of austerity", every investment requires proof of bottom-line impact and superior value. That is particularly true if it is an investment in a marketing discipline as wide and deep as social media. But luckily, hospitality and travel are among those industries that generally realize strong levels of community engagement, and as a result, lower costs/higher benefits from strategic social media marketing. Their ROI and success can be determined by measuring and improving business performance in four key areas: brand building, sales, customer loyalty, and efficiency.

Global brands going local

November 2010

More international brands are gaining consumer recognition and market share by "going local" with their products - a partial reversal of a trend of product globalization. A somewhat "tasty" example comes from Nestle's chocolate bar Kit Kat in Japan.Well aware of the distinctive culture of various Japanese districts, the largest foods company in the world from Switzerland created a marketing plan that would brand Kit Kat bars according to specific regions in Japan. The plan resulted in 19 unique flavors: miso, soy sauce - which happens to be the most popular flavor - green tea, yubari melon, baked corn, yuzu fruit, red potatoes and others.

Financing on-line; www.prosper.com

November 2010

An innovative way to finance home improvements and other financial needs is being offered by prosper.com, the world's largest P2P lending marketplace and go-to place for financial crowd-sourcing. When borrowers can't get financing from their bank, they can tap into Prosper's online community for unsecured personal loans up to US$25K - enough for a new roof. Such loan requests get funded by hundreds of lending members, which typically contribute between $25 and $100 each and bid down the interest rate. Surprisingly, this business is over US$200M large and Loan Loss Rates on the site, which average 8.2%, are as low as 1.48% for the highest rated personal loans.

Hotel Groups Offering "Carbon Offset" Initiatives

October 2010

As “going green” evolves from a growing trend into corporate standard practice, developers are welcoming more opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. One attractive and still fairly new option in luxury hospitality is carbon offset retailing, a reduction in emissions of carbon or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. What does this mean? Owners and operators can invest in reducing emissions somewhere else in order to compensate for the emissions they cannot reduce in daily production and operations.

The Cost of Building Green

April 2010

More and more developers are looking more closely at LEED certification when building or refurbishing properties. However, the potential added cost of LEED can discourage some developers from taking the plunge. So how much does it actually cost to go green? When LEED standards were first established the confusion and inexperience regarding the program's requirements resulted in large cost premiums for LEED certified buildings, sometimes as much as 25% more. Currently, green materials, products, and technologies are more easily available as the sustainable building industry has matured decreasing these costs substantially.

Targeting the Chinese Luxury Buyer? Mix it up or don't.

February 2010

While many luxury brands languished on U.S. soil in the past 18 months, some flourished—in China. What is the key to success with this consumer? Sometimes for a brand, it’s customization: At Coach’s new store in Shanghai, at Huaihai Zhong Lu and Songshan Lu, opening this spring, Coach will design a series of limited edition handbags especially for the new locale. France’s Domaines Barons de Rothschild, producer of Chateau Lafite wine, is developing a vineyard in the eastern province of Shandong to serve growing local demand. Hermès, which has long delayed its embrace of the China market, surprised the luxury goods industry by announcing a new brand that will begin production of its first ‘made in China’ brand: Shang Xia.

Swiss Development Group Branding

February 2010

As part of Seventh Art's services, a photo shoot was recently produced to create new content for a revolutionary, entrepreneurial development group. Their unique and daring approach was captured here in one of the many shots to be used in an upcoming fashion campaign featuring one of the best known models in Switzerland. To learn more go to Swiss Development Group.

Upscale Vending

January 2010

The hotel gift shop at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel carries everything its guests could ever desire: toothbrushes, sunglasses, quicksnap cameras, spa packages, a Jean Paul Gaultier dress, 24-karat gold handcuffs from Kiki de Montparnasse, and the keys to a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. Not only does this noteworthy gift shop carry merchandise in a stunning price range from $10 to $1,200,000, the Mondrian Hotel also sells these carefully curated luxury treats exclusively through its own "semi-automatic" vending machine.

The Power of the Retail Automat

January 2010

Today's vending machines include a Smart Car vending machine in Japan (the world's largest), mobile phone vending machines in the UK, a bicycle dispensing vending machine in Amsterdam, the automated designer goods store Berlinomat in Berlin, boutique vending machines in the United States that sell everything from beauty products to accessories, and a vending machine that prepares and serves pizza in 3 minutes in Italy.

Re-brand of the year

December 2009

In 2009, most developers addressed stalled sales in the same manner: changing sales or brokerage firms—which never truly addresses the real problems of a particular new development.In 2010, developers must address the actual units they are trying to sell (design, size, layout), and the building’s services and amenities, to attract a new round of potential buyers—unless they simply want to drop their pants in terms of pricing, or watch their projects languish.The potentially biggest re-branding deal of the year: At the opening ceremony of the tallest tower in the world "Burj Dubai", the 828m tall structure was introduced as the new "Burj Khalifa", named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi. When Seventh Art Group started to work on this unique project at the time of its inception, the "Burj Dubai" was set to be the most prominent icon for the Dubai-brand.


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